Explore & Experience the Electrifying Sounds of DJ LANTAN - From Dancehall Reggae to Drum and Bass Madness!

DJ LANTAN: The Maestro of Musical Fusion, Conquering Genres and Stages Worldwide!

With a musical journey spanning continents, DJ LANTAN is the epitome of versatility and energy.

From pulsating nightclubs to massive festivals, LANTAN's beats ignite the dance floor like a wildfire.

Join the global movement and immerse yourself in the sonic universe of DJ LANTAN!

Feel the Rhythm, Join the Party!

Upcoming Shows

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DJ Lantan,s upcoming Release

June 6, 2024

 DJ LANTAN's "Run Di Place"

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Collaborate With DJ Lantan

Add Fire To Your Project

Get ready for a musical fusion! when DJ LANTAN add that fire verse!

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Dubplate & Jingles Here

     Fast Turnaround

Get your exclusive DJ  LANTAN's custom tunes here! for DJs worldwide!

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 Upcoming Live Events/Shows

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2024

Join DJ LANTAN  live scene,spreading musical magic everywhere!

Dynamic Performances

Experience the electrifying energy of DJ Lantan's live shows.

Genre Fusion

From Dancehall Reggae to Drum and Bass, Lantan does it all.

Global Collaborations

Join forces with Lantan for unique musical partnerships.

Exclusive Dubplates

Get custom jingles and dubplates tailored for DJs worldwide.

Worldwide Tours

Lantan has rocked stages in multiple countries around the globe.

Record Releases

Discover Lantan's diverse discography spanning various music genres.




Records Released


Years of Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking DJ Lantan is easy! Simply click on the 'Book Now' button on the Live Show Package.

DJ Lantan is a master of Dancehall Reggae, Rap, Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music, and Drum and Bass.

Yes, Lantan welcomes collaborations with artists from all musical backgrounds.

Dubplates are custom recordings for DJs, while jingles are short, catchy vocal samples used in mixes.

Absolutely! DJ Lantan has graced the stages of numerous festivals worldwide.

Welcome to the Electrifying World of DJ Lantan!


DJ Lantan's beats are pure fire! Can't wait to dance to his tunes again.

Rave Enthusiast

Lantan's music is a journey through genres. A true artist in every sense!

Music Aficionado

Unleash the energy with DJ Lantan's beats. A must-experience for music lovers!

Music Fanatic

DJ Lantan's live shows are a spectacle! Pure adrenaline and rhythm combined.

Concert Goer

Lantan's collaborations elevate the music scene. A genius at work!

Music Critic

DJ Lantan's dubplates are legendary. Every DJ's dream come true!

DJ Insider

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